Thursday, March 12, 2009


ok, now it's getting frustrating.

i just lost a whole day's worth of work. why? yup, i saved over my doesn't help that i've had a very pissy week. but this blog's not about my personal problems, it's about my project. so, i'll just have to make it up tomorrow.

the good news is that the dragon rig is just about finished. the last thing i need to do is the wings and the eyelids (the wings is what i did today which got lost). now that i worked out how to do them though it should go by pretty smoothly.

after i wrap up the dragon, and i collect my environments from my super secret modeler (not named Stephanie) then alls i gots left to dos is the actual ground plane and the hundreds of clouds! oh, and then the lighting and scene dressing, but basically thats it. oh, and the background plate. but then i swear its ready for animation!

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