Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dragon with Controls

Here's the dragon with all his controls that I will need on him (not connected).

There is however two major flaws that i discovered while I was putting the controls in place. His hind legs and his wings are going to need to be moved because they are not in a world-neutral position at the moment. This is a problem because when I need to connect the controls the 0-rotations for X, Y, and Z are not going to line up with the angle of the pose they are in now. For example, if i wanted to rotate the wing elbow in the Y direction it will bend the wing in a way that isn't believe and you'd swear he broke it. So far the solution I've come up with is quickly remodeling the wings in an upright and straight back position, rebuild the wing skeleton, and reposition the controls in the new configuration. How else I can do this i don't know and I don't have time to experiment.

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