Saturday, February 28, 2009

progress package 2.28.09

ok, lets take a look at what i've done this last week. it's been slow, but i've gotten some significant progress. unfortunately i dont have any videos or animation tests to show at the moment, because i'm not finished skinning the rigs, but here are a few images that basically shows where i'm at.

the dragon's controls are finished. next step: skinning.

here is Saia's father. all i need him for is a quick 2 or 3 second shot, and all you see is silhouette. he doesn't need to be any more complicated than this (although now that i see it i forgot his ears!)

same deal with Saia's mother here. no ears, but you probably wont see them anyway. they are pretty far away from the camera.

here is the flying fish. it's not rigged yet. once it's done it will just be duplicated about 20 times for the few shots that it appears. i can probably copy the animation from one to another as well and just offset them.

last but not least, here is the star, fully rigged and ready to animate! (except for one last critique i recieved about 5 minutes before this post which suggested adding smoe eyelashes to help define her eyes more. (also i need to create the blink blendshape)

as far as the environments go, so far the castle is the only thing that is finished. the boat is a work in progress, and the house should be done next week. I'm going to talk to another student to see if i can borrow their tree for the final shot, otherwise i'll have to make it this week as well.

that's it for now!

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